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You thought the Lincoln-Douglass debates were entertaining...watch the Frary-Michaud debate HERE!

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On second thought, keep your powder dry, hold the lawyers until the Recount, but BY ALL MEANS SEND THE MONEY!

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  What is in Mike Michaud's lunchbox? John Frary reveals the truth.  

LEFT TO RIGHT: Frary at the convention, The Frary Limits, and another voter for Frary.

Visit Professor Frary's YouTube page.

AND HOW DID THE PROFESSOR DO? The top pollsters for both parties predicted he would get 14 to 18% on Maine Public TV, although the Republican pollster allowed as how Frary "might" get 25% if "I could take that hat off of him and get enough money to put him on TV". The Professor scored 33%, in the worst GOP year since Watergate. OTHER GOP CHALLENGERS TO MULTI TERM INCUMBENTS IN NEW ENGLAND SCORED LESS THAN FRARY:

OPEN SEAT - MAINE - Charlie Summers got an astonishing 46% , spent over a million dollars in a very left leaning district but was outspent 2 to 1. Here's hoping Charlie will go again - and we can run Ruth in the 2nd District (there's a spare room at Chez Frary!). Our pitch to the electorate: Reunite the Lovers in Washington!

New Hampshire: Jeb Bradley, a former congressman: attempting to regain his seat against a one-term incumbent. Received 45%. Spent $1,100,000.

New Hampshire: Jennifer Horn, a radio talk-show host ran against a one-term incumbent. Received 41%. Spent $449,000.

Connecticut: David Capiello, a state senator since 1998 and deputy minority leader ran against a one-term incumbent. Received 39%. Spent $1,050,000.

Maine: John Frary, Farmington Selectman ran against a three-term incumbent. Received 33%. Spent $266,000.

Connecticut: Sean Sullivan, former commander of a submarine base ran against a one-term incumbent. Received 32%. Spent $384,000.

Rhode Island: Mark Zaccaria, a former corporate executive and North Kingston councilman ran against a well-financed four-term incumbent. Received 30%. Low budget.

Massachusetts: Richard A. Baker, a businessman and software inventor, ran against a five-term incumbent. Received 30%. Low budget.

Massachusetts: Nathan Bech, a businessman and veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, ran against an eight-term incumbent. Received 27%. Low budget.

Connecticut: John Visconti, a general contractor and West Hartford Councilman. Ran against a five-term incumbent. Received 26%. Low budget.

Massachusetts: John Cunningham, a20web-based service provider and Ron Paul activist, ran against a thirteen-term incumbent. Received 24%. Low budget.

Rhode Island: Jonathan Scott, a group home counselor, running against Patrick Kennedy a second time. Received 24%. Low budget.

Massachusetts: Earl Henry Sholley, a businessman and army vet, ran against Barney Frank. Received 23%. Low budget.

Connecticut: Boaz Itshaky a doctor. Ran against Rosa DeLauro. Received 21%. Low budget.

Androscoggin: Bush 43.7%; D’Amboise 33.2% McCain 41.5%; Frary 30.4%
Aroostook: Bush 46.5%; D’Amboise 24%. McCain 44.2%; Frary 27.6%
Franklin: Bush 42.8%; D’Amboise 28.5%. McCain 38.8%; Frary 41.2%
Kennebec Bush 44.6%; D’Amboise 26.8%. McCain 41.7%; Frary 32.2%
Hancock: Bush 43.5%; D’Amboise 28.9%. McCain 39.5%; Frary 33%
Oxford: Bush 45%; D’Amboise 24.2%. McCain 40.7%; Frary 33%
Penobscot: Bush 49.1%; D’Amboise 30.1%. McCain 45%; Frary 32.7%
Piscataquis: Bush 53.3%; D’Amboise 30.5%. McCain 50.8%; Frary 40.8%
Somerset: Bush 47.8%; D’Amboise 30%. McCain 46.1%; Frary 36.4%
Waldo: Bush 41.2%; D’Amboise 31%. McCain 46%; Frary 33.3%
Washington: Bush 49.8%;D’Amboise 29.5%. McCain 48.5%; Frary 33.6%



Greetings from the Frary Movement - Yes We Didn’t

Esteemed Adherent,

So what happened? It’s really very simple, and ominous for the future. Those of you who received the Frary Campaign Book will note that in the history of Maine since 1952, there is a swing back toward the defeated party after sharp swing years of approximately 12 points. In one year since 1952 there was no swing back (1966) although there was a dramatic swing back to the GOP nationally in ‘66.

With this history in mind, the Frary campaign was predicated on a base of 42%, and a sprightly campaign to close the gap. Indications by September were that the plan was working - the Republican nominee for President, who was not tied to those parts of the national GOP base that made the GOP unpopular in the Northeast, was running near parity in Maine and ahead nationally. The Professor, the best stump speaker in the Maine GOP, was making inroads everywhere among Democrats and the youth vote, and maintaining his hold on the base. The campaign had attracted real volunteer talent in a number of vital campaign expertises, and every goal set by the campaign at the outset to best the incumbent was achieved - better literature, better press, better media, a better debate performance - you name it. We even ended up raising over $40,000!

And then came the Wall Street meltdown. Our phones went silent. McCain tanked 5 points in one day in the national polls, and 12 points in a week in Maine. The entire electorate had been reminded that the GOP was the party of Big Government Conservatism. Welfare state conservatism. The glue that held the Reagan coalition together, the “Leave us Alone Coalition”, had been completely jettisoned by Bush and the GOP. Only Sarah Palin had the verve to say that the government has created more problems than it has solved. Fierce fights broke out between factions of the base on the bailout, pro and con. The down ticket of the GOP never recovered, although McCain was able to hold Obama to 52% in the finale.

Best bumper sticker seen this year representing the old coalition:

I'll keep my freedom, my guns, and my money, you can keep
Vote for McCain/Palin

So instead of a 12 point swing on election day back to the GOP, we lost that AND got a 6 point swing FURTHER to the Democrats. Nothing has happened like this in US history since the Great Depression and FDR.

John got 33% of the vote. Instead of a gain of 12, we were down 6 more. 12 plus 6 is 18. 18 plus 33 is 51. As in 51% - where we would have been without Barney Frank and the Wall Street debacle.

How bad was it? There is no longer a single Republican congressman in all of New England. There is no longer a single metropolitan area in the US represented by a Republican congressman. Charlie Summers, who ran a very strong campaign in the 1st district, should have netted 12 additional points to add to his 42% effort against an incumbent in 2004, because now he was running in an open seat. Instead he only gained 2 points. No party has won 20+ seats in two consecutive elections since the Depression - and those were the Democrats, too.

Susan Collins was the only miracle this year, and she earned it.

Will the Republican Party be able to recover? Obama’s failures, if any, will not be enough. FDR failed at everything and won almost every election. The main support groups of the GOP, with the exception of the some conservative religious groups, are in outright demographic decline. The fastest growing demographic, Hispanics, has been alienated (McCain would have won last night if he’d gotten 44% of the Hispanic vote - and he was our strongest hope with the Latinos). Our groups do not have command of the new communications arteries - the Dems main fundraising website raised $100,000+ million on the net, the main GOP website raised less than $500 thousand dollars thru September. The Democrats lead by more than 20 points among young people. We carried the elderly by 2 points.

A wise man wrote me on the eve of the election:

John Frary may or may not win this election; but in either case our American Republic will get what we deserve because we, for better or for worse, are still a government of the people, by the people, for the people through our elected representatives.

If we elect Obama, Michaud or others who represent a collectivist political philosophy, we are instructed to pray for them that their hearts may be turned. Otherwise, it may take another American Revolution to put them out of office.

This could occur through a fundamental realignment of the political parties whereby the conservatives and the libertarians form a coalition to take over the Republican Party similar to the way the socialists and the liberals took over the Democratic Party.

The true conservative majority in our nation as well as in Maine may have been lost in part due to the split between the conservatives and the libertarians, the presence of leftist liberals in the Republican Party and the presence of Catholic conservatives in the Democratic Party.

If like-minded conservatives continue to work together, we can form a new conservative coalition in Maine and our nation; we can regain limited government, individual rights and responsibility, free enterprise and a strong national defense. If we don't, we will have lost the greatness that was America - at least for a moment in history.

As long as our Republic stands, we retain the power to retain or change our representatives in the next election; we need only to understand and operate our political system correctly.

Or, as Ben Franklin put it, we must “all hang together, or we will surely all hang separately”.

Thank you,

Robert Shaffer 876-4070
Chief Consultant to the Frary Campaign

Be careful what you wish for...

“Frary is a 66-year-old, retired college professor, who dresses as if the Roaring ’20s had never quieted down and speaks as if he were saying exactly what was on his mind. He comes off as a cross between a slightly more refined W.C.Fields and a somewhat dissipated Benjamin Disraeli.
Political correctness? Don’t expect any. “The very fact my prospects of winning are remote is something I find liberating. Some in Republican leadership consider me a loose cannon,” he admitted in a phone interview. “If they can’t find a credible candidate [for Congress], they’ll be stuck with me.”
Those voters longing for an honest politician should remember the old adage about being careful what they wish for. They might end up with John Frary. On the other hand, they could do — and, in fact, have done — far worse.”
—Famous Columnist, Al Diamon



Born in Farmington, Maine on Dec. 2, 1940.
Graduate of Farmington High School.
BA, University of Maine
MA, Rutgers University
PhD course and examination requirements for Byzantine History
Graduate courses at Princeton University
Professor Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ 1972-2004

Farmington Selectman ¤ Associate Editor: The International Military Encyclopedia ¤ Assistant Editor: Continuity, A Journal of History ¤ Publisher of the Lagado University Newsletter ¤ “Conservative columnist” for the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel, March-December, 2005. Sacked for excessive persistence in criticizing the Dirigo Health Plan. ¤ Columnist for the Franklin Journal, Daily Bulldog and Downeast Coastal Press ¤ President Farmington Area Alumni Association - Past Worthy Steward of the Chesterville Grange ¤ Vestryman of St. Stephen’s Traditional Anglican Church ¤ Past Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee ¤ Board of Directors, Maine Taxpayers United ¤ Membership in the Farmington Historical Society, National Association of Scholars, the Historical Society and the Association of Literary Critics and Scholars, the Elks, the Rotary, the Masons and Life Member of the NRA ¤ Honorary member of the Western Maine Blacksmith’s Association.


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How Can I Help, You Ask?

A. Forward my website to as many people (preferably with high IQs) as you can.

B. SEND MONEY. $4,600 is the max, & if you can’t afford that for good entertainment, you’re in the wrong demographic. But I will gratefully accept lesser amounts, even from those of you who are in the Chuck Norris demographic.

C. When the campaign heats up, remember the maxim:, Ride to the Sound of the Guns! That means talking me up to your friends and associates, sending letters to the editor (you may deplore me if you wish - I'll take any kind of publicity which spells my name correctly: it's F-R-A-R-Y) and dragging Aunt Ida to the polls - or adjusting the valve on her oxygen while she fills out that absentee ballot...

Our Federal Overlords, in their zeal to protect us, have required me to file voluminous documentation of my success, and a copy of these scribblings can be requested from: The Federal Elections Commission, Washington D.C. etc. But actually they are out of business - and I'm not making this up - because partisan gridlock has reduced their numbers to the point where they can't get a quorum, so they can't issue opinions or reprimands. So if someone were to send me a check for $1,000,000, there would actually be no legal recourse against my accepting it... just a stray thought. So better yet, ASK ME. I'll be happy to keep you informed.

Professor John Frary for Congress | 355 Red Schoolhouse Road | Farmington, ME 04938
207-778-6685 | jfrary8070@aol.com

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